Add your own dock

Desktop app method (preferred)


  • macOS 11+ (Big Sur and above)

Download the desktop app, unzip it, and move the app into your applications directory. Once in your applications directory you will be able to run the app.

Download desktop app

CLI method


  • macOS 11+ (Big Sur and above)
  • You must have Node.js installed on your computer

To add your own dock, run the following command in your terminal:

npx dockhunt

The command will:

  1. Find the apps in your dock
  2. Upload any icons not yet in our database
  3. Create a dock on this website

Dockhunt will only use the apps that are pinned to your dock. Apps can be pinned by right-clicking and selecting Options > Keep in Dock. Apps that are not pinned will be ignored.

Pinned vs recent dock items